Hello. My name is Lee Ann and I’m a Koreaholic! I’m a noona from the Caribbean who got sucked into the world of hallyu in my late 30s. Like alot of people who are into dramas and kpop, hallyu swept me off my feet at a time when my life was at its all time low. This whole new world opened up and swallowed me, and I loved it. It was my great escape, it gave me new hopes and dreams and life finally felt good again.

Now, I’m entering my 40s and I want to let people know that it’s ok to enjoy hobbies and interests at any age. I love variety shows because I get to learn alot about Korean language, history, people, food and culture, so you will find alot of variety show clips, reviews and references on this blog. In addition, I’ll also be talking about dramas, movies, kpop, food and everything Korean!

And of course, who doesn’t love idols? Hey, if 50 year old ahjussis can marry 20 year olds and its perfectly acceptable, there’s absolutely no reason why noonas can’t drool over their favourite idols too! So you can look out for these little idol treats on the Loads of Kimchi Facebook page!

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